Message From The Director

Message from Principal, Mangaf


When most of us were at school the focus was insular, working within the boundaries of the school and our respective countries, technology was not available.  In today’s world, technology and the possibilities it presents affords our students the opportunity to go beyond country boundaries without leaving the school, home or Kuwait. 

My name is Ms Dorett Watt, I have the privilege to be Principal of Cambridge English School Mangaf, a 21st century school.  Why do I consider us a 21st century school? three reasons really:   (1)  Our students, they have the Global Awareness imperative to understanding and contributing to the development and advancement of Kuwait not just in isolation but as a global partner to other nations.  They are Health Literate having the capacity to obtain and process health information and services across the globe when deciding on health decision.  They are Critical Thinkers and Problem Solvers able to take responsibility for their actions.  They are taught strategies to aid their awareness in making a choice, directing their thinking, improving decision-making processes and actively engaged in their daily learning.  Our children have the advantage with technology to determine the extent they will utilise Information gleaned from the wealth of media systems available to them. 


However CES Mangaf is not just about our students we have an excellent collection of (2) teachers and administrative staff who contribute to the nurturing and education of our students.  Our classrooms are Learner-Centered with Personalised Instructions to aid the development of individual studentsWe recognise and accept that students have different personalities, goals, and needs; therefore we expect our students’ to own their learning because it intrinsically motivates them to invest more time and effort resulting in an ideal recipe for better learning outcomes and environment.


(3) We are very proud and excited by the opportunities this new building presents.  Some of you were familiar with our old building, next door.  September 2016 we moved all 3 schools into this newly constructed edifice to commence the transformation of CES Mangaf into the school you want and importantly the environment our children feel safe, secure and seek to excel in.  A school they are proud to be part of and want to come to each day.

We are Cambridge English School Mangaf are proud of our students and the daily achievements made whether big, achieving full marks in a test or small realising they can write the letter ‘A’ with a pencil. Together we make Mangaf a success.