Primary Section

Mathematics, English, Science and Humanities are taught by the class teacher and Arabic, Religion, ICT, Music, French (Year 3 – 6), Art and PE are all taught by specialist teachers.


The curriculum builds on the foundations set by the Early Years Section and aims to develop the whole child academically, socially, morally and aesthetically within a supportive, caring environment in which each child can thrive and achieve their full potential. We aim to ensure that each student is fully prepared for the challenges of the Secondary Section.


Assessment and Reporting in Primary

Formative assessment practices are used throughout the Primary Section in the form of teacher observations, end of unit assessment and quizzes as well as formal assessment/tests are carried out at mid and end of the year in English, mathematics, Arabic and Religion in KS2. In Year 6 students have the opportunity to participate in the international external Cambridge Checkpoint Exam in May.


In the mid year and end of the year Report the final grade is an average of class marks and the assessment/exam. There are two written reports, one at the end of Term one and the other at the end of the year to Parents. We also provide formal Parent Consultation meetings twice yearly in Term One and Term Two and Parents are welcome to meet teachers by making an appointment with the school.